C/o Mike Read, The Round House, 6 Frogmore Farm, Ashprington,  Totnes  Tel: 01803 732047  Email:

To members of the Council – You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of Ashprington Parish Council in the Village Hall on Thursday November 2nd, 2023 at 7.30 pm for the purpose of transacting the following business. Michael Read- Clerk to the Council.


October 26th, 2023.


1 Declaration of interest in items on the agenda.

2 Apologies.

3     To approve the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of October 5th, 2023.

4     Matters arising from the minutes not on the agenda:

  •         War Memorial {SG/MR/All}
  •         Commemorative Plaque {LS}
  •         Soil deposits Tuckenhay. {RR/LS}
  •         Tractorfest {RR}
  •         Defibrillators

5      P3 Report

6      District & County Councillors Report

7      Tree Warden Report

8      Planning

3477/23/TCA M.Smith. 7 Holly Villas. TA: Willow. Dead, Remove.

3270/23/TCA Oates. The Old Bakehouse. T1 Fell Bay Tree. No objection SHDC

2850/23/LBC Bow Bridge House. LBC for replacement of doors and windows.

2783/23/HHO 10 Orchard Terrace. Single storey rear extension & porch roof.

2951/23/ARC Marokopa, Higher Yetson Farm. Application for removal of details.

Discharge of condition Approved SHDC

2962/23/ARC Sylvester, 4 Frogmore Farm. Application for discharge of conditions.  Approved SHDC.

  • Project Community Access

– Survey for Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service.

10    Finance. Treasurers Account -Balance £TBA.  Cemetery Account – £353.84, P3 Account – £487.71. A/cs Approved and Payable- SLCC Subscription. £112. War Memorial – £3645.00 Final Payment.Income – Donation for War Memorial – £400.00.

  1. Ashprington Village Hall Report.
  2. Ash Meadow Report
  3. Other Business/Councillors Areas of Responsibility.

Next Meeting – Thursday December 7th, 2023, Ashprington Village Hall at 7.30pm.
Michael Read, Ashprington Clerk. Tel. 01803 732047

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