Sloe berries ripe for picking

Sustainable Ashprington, the parish’s local sustainability group, are organising a unique opportunity to visit a forest garden in Littlehempston this September, learning from forest gardening guru Martin Crawford. Group member Lyn Paterson explains more.

Sustainable Ashprington have arranged a trip to Agroforestry Research Trust to meet Martin Crawford who runs the project. We will be visiting his Littlehempston Research site to look and learn about Forest Gardening methods with one of the “gurus” in his field!

If you would like more information about his work please have a look at the Agroforestry Research Trust website for in depth information and an excellent video explaining the principles behind forest gardening.

The trip takes place on Friday 22nd September at 2pm at the site and will cost £10 per person. Hopefully we will car share from Ashprington to the site. For more details contact me on”

Learn more via the Sustainable Ashprington Facebook group here.

Photo by Rob Wicks on Unsplash.

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