The very high tides experienced in recent weeks have left many parishioners having to cope with flooding in their homes. Although it is the responsibility of individual landowners to protect their property there is some funding available through the Devon Emergency Resilience Fund. This is managed by Devon Communities Together, an independent charity that works with communities across Devon to help them tackle challenges such as flooding. The grant can only be applied for by specific groups, NOT individuals.

One scheme that is available is for groups that have a Community Emergency Plan. Ashprington Parish Council has an Emergency Plan and so qualifies to apply for a grant on behalf of parishioners for up to £1,500. The grant is to provide the rapid purchase of simple equipment such as shovels, road signs, emergency blankets, torches, high visibility jackets, temporary portable flood barriers, pumps, sand bags, etc.

Parishioners would have to combine together to decide what equipment would be of most use, provide details of why it was needed, what risks the grant would mitigate against and give full details of the item and cost of the items to be purchased. The Parish Council would then apply for and facilitate the grant. At present the funding is only open until April but there could be the possibility of further funding in the future. Parishioners interested in exploring this further should contact the Parish Clerk in the first instance.

Devon County Council also has a Property Resilience Fund with grants of up to £5,000.

River with high water

Photo by Lukas Hron on Unsplash.

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