Trees and Tree Wardens

Ash Dieback
The Forestry Commission explains the pathogen in detail with photo’s indicating how to spot the effects on Ash trees.
Devon Highways would like to alert all Parish and Town Council’s to this tree pathogen, and its devastating effect on Ash trees. Also, and most importantly, we would like to highlight that a duty of care exists to all landowners with trees in their ownership. This means that landowners are responsible for trees on their land and are also responsible for the safety of people who come into contact with them.
The pathogen can compromise the structural integrity of Ash trees and render them as structurally weakened and dangerous within a few years of becoming infected. We recommend that landowners have privately owned trees monitored on a regular basis and all works identified are undertaken.
Parish and Town Council's will see an increase in tree related enquiries over the coming years, therefore any assistance in making landowners aware of their responsibilities will be much appreciated. All privately owned trees will need to have ongoing inspections to make sure trees are without significant defects, diseases and pathogens that will not result in trees failing. Devon Highways will not inspect privately owned trees in the future, however we have increased our inspection regime from three yearly to two yearly to reflect the current speed of decline caused by this pathogen.
Our campaign of; “My tree, my responsibility” will be unveiled in the coming months and we will provide you with further information at that time.

0% Dieback - healthy crown 25% Dieback
50% Dieback 100% Dieback

Tree Wardens

There are two Wardens in the parish:
Bob Bowles - telephone 01803 732053 or email (South of the parish)
Jaye Green - telephone 01803 732425 (North of the parish)

Tree works in Ashprington and Tuckenhay Conservation Areas
Please would parishioners check with the SHDC Tree Officer at Follaton House or the parish tree wardens before undertaking any works on trees on their property within Ashprington or Tuckenhay conservation areas. Read more